Sealcoating Services in Richmond

We are a professional asphalt maintenance company serving homeowners and business owners in Richmond and the surrounding areas. We know the importance of routine maintenance in preserving your asphalt. Sealant not only makes pavement surfaces look like new, but also helps prevent costly damage. Our free consultation will evaluate the condition of your asphalt and provide you with a free quote on this cost-effective preventative maintenance.

When to get your parking lot or driveway sealed

Asphalt pavement has binders that keep it flexible and prevent it from crumbling. Sealant preserves these binders and helps prevent asphalt from drying out due to UV rays and exposure to the elements. An application of seal coat also acts as a protective barrier between the asphalt surface and damage from oil spills, as well as water infiltration from rain. This is why we recommend a high-quality sealant for all asphalt surfaces that are over a year old. If you are not sure if your parking lot or driveway is ready for a new coat of sealant, give us a call. With our years of experience sealing and maintaining asphalt, we can give you a free and trustworthy assessment on the best way to extend the life of your pavement.

Services provided by us

Asphalt Sealing: Asphalt sealant restores the dark black look of fresh asphalt, boosting curb appeal and improving the health of your asphalt. We use only the highest quality coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers. These sealants protect asphalt from gas and oil spills, harsh ultraviolet rays, and the wear and tear of daily traffic.

Crack Filling: Cracks allow water to infiltrate through the foundation of asphalt pavement. If this water freezes and expands, it can cause potholes and extensive damage. Sealing any cracks before winter begins helps ensure your asphalt driveway or parking lot has a long life.

Pothole repair: We also take care of larger maintenance jobs like cutting and patching holes. Repairing potholes prevents water from infiltrating and damaging the foundation of your asphalt surfaces. If your asphalt is looking a little worn or has some large or small holes, we can repair them and restore the smooth surface of your pavement!

Line Striping: After sealing parking lots, repainting the lines gives the parking spaces a bright, fresh look. A newly sealed and striped parking lot looks professional and well-maintained. We offer all kinds of asphalt maintenance and have an eye for detail when completing every job.

Call us for free quotes

Contact us to set up a free estimate. You can either call us or fill out the form on this page. We look forward to helping with all your sealing, crack filling, and striping needs. Regular maintenance of your asphalt surfaces is a cost-effective way to protect your investment and make a great first impression.