Richmond Parking Lot Repair and Patching

Richmond Parking Lot Repair and Sealcoating

We understand that your parking lot’s appearance is just as important as it’s safety as a business owner. Customers take a look at giant potholes and they’re quickly going to turn away. It’s important that you maintain the aesthetic appearance of your property. If there’s extensive damage, and you’re in need of parking lot repair, pothole repair, crack fills and sealing, or general asphalt and concrete services, our team can help! Richmond Paving and Sealcoating is fully licensed, insured, and bonded, meaning we can cover any of the major services you’d like to hire us to complete on your commercial property.

Why us?

Our team of specialists have years of experience in general parking lot patching and repair work. We specialize in concrete services, meaning we have specialized, commercial-grade equipment to do the work you hire us to do. Furthermore, our licensed and bonded contractors abide by state and local rules when we’re completing services on the job site, so you will never have to worry about us taking shortcuts or skipping steps, which could compromise the quality and integrity of the work we’re doing on your commercial property.

We perform both residential and commercial parking lot repair, crack fills, and concrete services. Therefore, regardless of your service needs, the size of the job, or the specialists we have to deploy, we have a dedicated team in place to handle the call. And, we are going to have enough personnel to finish a job, regardless of how big the commercial facility is that you need us to perform repairs on.

We guarantee your satisfaction

Apart from our credentials in asphalt and concrete services, we want to make sure customers are pleased with the work. So, we’ll work with you and remedy any issues if you aren’t happy with our services. Additionally, we want to provide you with the best prices for services, and for this reason, we perform a full inspection and offer free service quotes to customers. We take the time to make sure the job’s done properly and will work with you to complete additional services as necessary.

Our services

We perform an extensive range of concrete and asphalt services for residential and commercial customers. We can

  • Perform parking lot repairs and parking lot patching
  • Sealing and weatherproofing
  • Crack fills and pothole repairs
  • General upgrades, improvements, and new addition work

No matter what the job, or where you’d like us to complete it, we have the personnel in place, as well as the best equipment to get the job done in a timely fashion, and to the highest standards possible when you hire our team for the job.

If you’re in need of general repair, repaving, new installation, or other asphalt services, do not hesitate to reach out to our team today. We offer free service quotes for all the work you’d like to hire us to complete. So, give us a call today at 804-374-9642 so we can send a licensed and bonded contractor to your home or business to discuss your service needs and pricing.